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Kara Lynn's Kitchen

The old diet made new

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421 Cleveland St
Clearwater, FL 33755


Category: Restaurants
Contact: Carolyn Bradham
Short Description: The paleo diet is what our ancestors ate, we have made it delicious.


Kara Lynn's Kitchen is happy to bring to you the paleo diet made of organic vegetables and fresh meats that are cooked to perfection.


  • meal catering
  • meal prep
  • organic meals

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Jun 24, 2016
By: Brandon S.
What struck me about the menu was that it had things on it that sounded legitimately appetizing. It wasn’t just soy or various salads. It was things I, as a more meat leaning individual, would want to eat.
\r\nAnd my companion took one bite and commented on the quality of the food as well. And was kind enough to offer a bite of salad to confirm that it was as good as the meat—which it was.
\r\nKara Lynn’s Kitchen’s food is my kind of food. Wholesome. Flavorful, and leaving you with a good feeling about what you ate.
\r\nAnd if your conversation should turn to “where should we eat?” I encourage your answer be: “Let’s go to Kara Lynn’s Kitchen”.