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Wabamm Local Life: Karl Nurse Of Baytech Labels

Posted By Paul Grimsley On Sunday, January 13, 2019

Baytech Are A Company Built On Innovative Solutions

Baytech Label has been in business since October 1986, operating, as Karl Nurse, The President of the company, describes it, as an innovator that is not first and not last as far as the ever-changing field of technology is concerned; not necessarily on the bleeding edge, but able to come up with innovative solutions.
Karl is a problem solver who loves working out the puzzles that will move Baytech forward into the future.  Baytech, following his lead, are able to be a little bit more nimble than their competitors and are able to work in a wide range of materials and do a variety of different kinds of work.
Karl majored in Political Science but says by the time he left college he had taken enough business classes to arrive at the perfect blend of arrogance and ignorance that allowed him to launch his own business.
Baytech Labels has won, and regularly wins, a number of awards for the quality of their work, both from the Print Association Of Florida, and The Flexographic Technical Association. This allows them to continue expanding, which Karl is very enthusiastic about - his viewpoint is that they are never at capacity, and can always add more customers and help more people. Their work gets them great reviews and they have been able to remain as a  Guild in the ever-changing market of printing for over 30 years. They also have a Green Printer Association Certification, a prestigious distinction which only 2% of printers have. 
Outside of the printing industry, Karl has been busy as well. He has been a Council Member of St Petersburg City Council for 10 years, and he has been an active volunteer in the local community for about 40 years. He also has a passion for helping people with affordable housing, and has done a lot of work with Habitat to improve the lives of those in the area. In conjunction with Habitat he also works with Sustainable Communities in an effort to show government that it is more cost effective to build houses with renewable energies like solar from the start to help support lower income households. 
Whatever he is doing you get the sense that Karl can use the problem solving skills he has developed adeptly, to navigate the evolving worlds of print, being a Councillor, and his other areas of interest. Over 30 years of high quality printing and innovation, and a future that promises more of the same, means that Baytech Label will remain a company to watch, and Karl will be leading them forward.

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