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Posted By Taylor Richards On Monday, April 9, 2018

Rick Yarrington has been in business here in Pinellas with his golf shop since 1985.  With thirty years of experience, he and his son are able to help people find the right club they need for their game and improve their performance too.  With a game based on patience, they are able to listen to you and anyone else to find the right fight for you.

Rick Yarrington’s father managed a golf course for the majority of his work life so he grew up in the environment from the start. His son also works with him in the golf field, so it has become a family affair.  It is easy to see a certain level of passion when you continue to pass the game on to your children.  any person with patience and open mindedness can become a skilled player of this game.  this family wants to take time to show you how they can help.

As a small business, they provide monthly donations to St. Judes and sponsor the Metropolitan Ministries http://www.metromin.org/ as well.  They build their business by helping their community, building friends and loyalty. If you are looking to lower your handicap here in Pinellas, head over to Rick’s Golf Shop of find a way to wedge your way into his schedule.