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Spotlight on House Of Make Believe

Posted By Timothy Kuchar On Wednesday, August 8, 2018

House of Make-Believe is a family-owned, family-operated local business. The owner, Bernice Stoneburg was born and raised here in Pinellas County and Hillsborough County. Her parents were both military and she was born at McDill Air Force Base.


Her mother, Yvonne and grandmother, Trudi started the costume rental business in 1978.  Bernice's grandmother taught her how to sew and she made her first dress with a zipper in it at the age of 10. Sewing has been in her blood all her life.

As a matter of fact, sewing is so much in her blood, that she makes 75% of the costumes herself.  She really wants to keep the Legacy from her mother and grandmother alive, right here in Clearwater.

IMG_256      IMG_256     IMG_256

You could consider that Bernice is a part of this community. This is made evident by all of the things she does for the community. She gives to schools and theater groups, local theatre projects, projects by the students, and anybody else who really needs attention. She mentors young people to help them learn how to sew so they can do sewing projects for themselves.

Her mother was the winner of 2 STAR awards. That stands for Suncoast Theatre Alliance Renovation.  An important thing to note here is that Bernice's mother loved history and the costumes are a reflection of that history. She knows the stories behind the costumes from any era. Every costume that is made has a researched history behind it. This guarantees the authenticity of the costume.

Recently the King of Sarsaparilla wanted an outfit for the King of Thrones and Bernice researched and found the perfect example and made a King Joffrey outfit that was unbelievable.  You can see it here below.


Another good example of this was a company who wanted to have authentic costumes made for Star Wars. They were having an event that needed authentic Star Wars costumes. Every costume came out perfect. So no matter whether it's a special event or Halloween you can get the costume you want and need.

IMG_256          IMG_256

The costume headpiece is also custom made by Bernice and House of Make-Believe. These head pieces are made of a very sturdy plastic substance and once again they are also researched before they're created. You really get a nice headpiece and I have attached a couple of pictures so you can see.

0806181035    0806181035_HDR

House of Make-Believe will also deliver costumes to an event at a local hotel Etc.

I think the things that set her business apart or the fact that they do not used packaged costumes but make their costumes so they're more authentic with more quality. You hate up store bought costume to fall apart right in the middle of the Halloween costume party. She also has variety as well as quality. Another important feature is that Bernice will personally tailor the outfit to you.

One last thing we need to let people know is that were moving from Hercules over to 2140 Range Road Suite B, Clearwater Florida 33765. Our telephone number is remaining the same 727-446-1890.

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