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Help For Grassroots Non-Profits

Posted By Paul Grimsley On Friday, June 8, 2018

Volunteers Do A Lot To Improve People's Quality Of Life

There are a lot of people out there who give their time to help people, and are looking to change the quality of life for everyone from the ground up. There are always tools that one can get that help to better achieve their goals, and there are some very successful actions that some non-profits have employed, but which other groups may not be aware of.

Karena Morrison, of the Clearwater Community Volunteer Center, helps a lot of people already with her own group, but is looking to share her experience and knowledge with others to help them help more people. Karen will deliver a second set of seminars on Monday June 25th that are designed to give grass-roots organizations the tools which will help them grow and help more families. Over 15 years Karen has been providing help to people and improving their lives.

Go And Get Some Great Tools!

Who couldn't do with some help to Maximise Their Message? And just think of the number of people who are going benefit from a more enlightened and better equipped community of volunteers - the exponential effect is amazing, and should definitely be supported.

The event can be signed up for via the Benevolution Facebook Page, so go and sign up.