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The Natural Health Improvement Center And Me (Could Be You!)

Posted By Brandon S. On Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Healthy living is an often complex and difficult thing to go for in this country. Everywhere you turn, what was good is deadly, and this new drug will cure everything—except its side effects contain the thing it’s supposed to fix.

And in that landscape, well, I’ve dealt with my own problems. Some I will not go into, but I had room to improve. Especially in the weight category.

I searched. I tried places. Some of them not for me, others too expensive for my income. But eventually, I found a tiny nutritional clinic in the middle of Clearwater. Sitting on N.E. Cleveland Street and called The Natural Health Improvement Center.

That was about five months ago.

I’ve lost over thirty pounds since then.

Now, I see the skeptics online. I know how much people doubt the validity of things like holistic medicine and muscle testing. But, yet again, thirty pounds.

And the process wasn’t nearly as hard as it seemed when I started. It wasn’t a fad diet, or experimental food stuff. It was a simple, slow integration of informed choices regarding diet, along with supplements, and exercise.

And I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Before, I didn’t think it was possible. Now, I don’t worry about my health much at all.

That peace of mind is worth it all by itself.

I’m so glad I found them. This little place. Staffed by individuals that supported me through it all. Never got mad at me. Became cheerleaders for me. Just as happy—possibly more—as I was with the victories I achieved.

So, if you’re tired of whatever health problems bother you, and the drugs of the modern day are getting you down and not helping, go check them out.  

I think you can get the body state you want. And I think they can help you get there.

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