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My Lunch At Kara Lynn's Kitchen--A Brief Restaurant Review

Posted By Brandon S. On Friday, March 11, 2016

In this world of chemical treatment and genetic modification of the average American’s diet, it’s refreshing to see a group of people who focus on actual food.

At least, that was part of my motivation for visiting one of Clearwater’s newer restaurants on Cleveland Street: Kara Lynn’s Kitchen. A place that seeks to serve just good food that is actually food.

And if you’ll allow me a few paragraphs, I’d like to speak about my experience visiting them.


Upon entering the busy restaurant, my focus shifted to the waitress at the counter, who was quite chipper. I mean, all servers are, it’s part of their job, but she seemed genuinely happy to see us. And handed me and my dining companion a menu.

And what struck me about this menu was that it had things on it that sounded legitimately appetizing. It wasn’t just soy or various salads. It was things I, as a more meat leaning individual, would want to eat. So I ended up ordering a Korean beef lettuce wrap.

And when it arrived only a few minutes later it looked like something I should be paying around thirty bucks for at some fancy restaurant. But, I’ll admit, at this point I was still skeptical. I’d been burned before on food that looked better than it tasted.

But, and here comes my verdict--in the most food critic way possible--it was exquisite. I bit into it, made a pleased sound, and demolished my food.

And my companion took one bite and commented on the quality of the food as well. And was kind enough to offer a bite of salad to confirm that it was as good as the meat—which it was.  

Kara Lynn’s Kitchen’s food is my kind of food. Wholesome. Flavorful, and leaving you with a good feeling about what you ate.

And if your conversation should turn to “where should we eat?” I encourage your answer be: “Let’s go to Kara Lynn’s Kitchen”.  


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