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For The Young at Heart: Clearwater Academy's Production of Seussical Jr.

Posted By Brandon S. On Saturday, November 7, 2015

Clearwater Academy International is, among other things, a school of sports and a school of arts, and since I already reported on their latest (as of this writing) undefeated football season, I thought now I would talk about their fall stage production: Seussical Jr.  


The younger kids in the school do this one, but that doesn’t mean the production aspect gets the short end of the stick. Far from it actually. The quality of the stage set is well-done, with controlled lighting and audio, hand-painted physical backgrounds, and a tree prop that I still don’t understand how characters are able to climb.


And as to the acting, it’s good.


In fact, I’m impressed how good it is. Especially with how well all the actors keep to their lines. Because the entire thing’s in rhyme, there’s no room for errors. Which is fine, because I didn’t hear any.  


Speaking of the actors, I’d like to give some special mentions to a few specific ones, who were--for me at least--a joy to watch. The first being whoever played the cat. I enjoyed every moment he was on stage, and I got quite a few chuckles out of his antics. My favorite moment being when he started playing a piano out of nowhere during another character’s song.


And then there’s the elephant and his bird love interest. Both do a tremendous job of acting and staying in character. The boy who played the elephant, even when he’s not the center of attention, kept up his character’s mannerism and elicited numerous smiles whenever I looked over. And the bird? The girl who played the bird was heartwarming. That’s the best word for it: heartwarming. Her story, her singing, her acting. All of it.


So, if you’re in Clearwater and want something adorable and uplifting, then come to the show at 7pm on the 7th. It’ll take an hour of your time, and it’s worth it. These kids worked hard for an awesome play.

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