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Famous Jamis Winston Coming to Clearwater (Tampa)

Posted By Kurtis Kintzel On Sunday, May 17, 2015

Football fans throughout Tampa/Clearwater are hungry for an engaging personality to captain the Buccaneer's ship. Not since Warren Sapp, the former outspoken and super talented Buccaneers defensive tackle, have the Bucs had a personality fans find charming and the competition fears.

Over the past two years playing at Florida State, Jameis won all but one game, won a national championship and won the Heisman Trophy as the best college football player. There is no doubt among experts that Jameis Winston has the tools to be one of the greatest QBs of all time, both in the huddle and in the media.

Jameis Winston was recently the 1st player picked in the NFL Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, thus Tampa's experts determined he was the collegiate player that could most help our NFL team. The NFL is a 12+ billion dollar per year industry and the players on the field make the plays which is the product sold to the fans and advertisers.

So what's the problem? Well, Jameis was suspended and missed a game for shouting something (I assume it was obscenities) in public, had to make amends for something to do with crab legs theft, and is currently defending himself against a sexual abuse claim by a fellow Florida State student.

Newspapers and televisions are filled with shitty news, likely because they make big money by promoting chaos and conflicts. I usually feel worse after I watch the nightly news, how about you? As an alternative which seemed more sane, I became an avid sports fan. I turn to sports when I want to read or watch something that is fun and relatively meaningless. Unfortunately, more and more sports radio, tv and newspaper articles are being filled with the ugly side of life. I know people aren't perfect, the news media tells me that everyday and athletes aren't perfect either, but that doesn't mean I want to or have to know why they don't walk on water.

Here's my solution... Let's hold athletes accountable for the environments they create and/or put themselves into, whether its getting cozy with a co-ed after a few beers, jumping in the car with a pot-smoking buddy, beating their spouse/kids, or visiting doctors known for getting around the illegal steroid issues. 

What is popular in nursery schools across the planet and many parents have used it effectively is "TIME-OUT". So the next time an athlete gets accused of stealing crab legs, assaulting a fellow student or whatever, let's (the media, their sport's team owner/coach, fellow fans, etc.) collectively put the athlete into time-out. The US employs embargoes on countries that violate human rights and conversely rewarding those countries with commerce that play nice. How about if we get to see sports with the good citizens (except MMA where the barbarians belong) and let the good guys make the money and get the endorsement money?  

Don't let those in legal trouble play their sport and let's make invisible these individuals - no tv/radio coverage, endorsements, don't search for them on the internet, etc.

Let those that seem to find trouble everywhere disappear into a mutual executed black-out until their issues are fully resolved, that they have the realization that they are responsible for creating their own environment and they are the ones creating the bad situations they are finding themselves in.

A close game being played by Little League baseball players or the best athletes in the world is entertaining. Think about the greatest annual tournament on the planet, the NCAA basketball tournament (sorry World Cup fans), is not played by the best players in the world, in fact none are yet considered professional in their sport of basketball.

I want my sports back and without the ugly news.

Would I like to watch the Bucs play and win with an elite athlete that will excite the fan base? Yes, but Jameis Winston needs to go to time-out first and come back when his legal issue is fully resolved and he gets it that he, whether innocent or not, is the one that created the noise!

It's time for a time-out Famous Jameis!