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KuleBooks LLC

"Not words but meanings"

611 S Fort Harrison Ave, 322
Clearwater, FL 33756


Category: Entertainment
Contact: Ronald Joseph Kule
Website: http://RonKuleBooks.com
Short Description: small-house publisher for books by author Ronald Joseph Kule


KuleBooks LLC publishes books by one author, Ronald Joseph Kule, who is an internationally published author. Kule is also published by Skyhorse Publishing in NYC. The author writes fiction and non-fiction books across several genres, including sales-training books which are also the texts for his acclaimed workshops delivered on contract globally. To date, we have published seven titles/editions.


  • On contract only
  • the author and this publishing house may also author and publish books under assumed (pen) names.


Sales books are available with volume-purchase discounts listed on the web site.

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