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Nature's Tech

Natural, Safe and Effective Beauty and Wellness Products.

596 N. Indian Rocks Rd. Unit 8A
Clearwater, FL 33756


Category: Beauty
Contact: Rosa Sollecito
Website: www.naturestechusa.com
Short Description: Organic and Natural Ingredients, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, No Greasy Residue


Nature has provided an abundance of resources for just about any and all health and beauty needs that are safe and optimally effective. NaturesTech is committed to working with Nature in bringing you the safest and most effective health and beauty products that we can.

Our AloeMoist line or beauty products formulas meet the Whole Foods Premium Standards for Personal Care Products and include raw materials that are kosher, vegan, and/or biodegradable. We use active botanicals, pure plant oils, and organic vitamins and minerals that have been clinically proven to nourish and revitalize skin and hair and to leave it looking younger and feeling healthier.

Most bath and beauty products are full of Ingredients such as petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, irritating alcohols, artificial fragrances and harmful preservatives, just to name a few.

There are a myriad of potential physical problems stemming from the use of these commonly used ingredients ranging from "mere" skin irritation, allergies, asthma and other physical reactions to more serious longer term conditions and diseases, including different forms of cancer.
NaturesTech's products have been formulated to rejuvenate and repair at a cellular level, reduce inflammation, and heal damage caused by age and the environment. Your skin, hair and body will feel and look its very best!

We are so confident of the quality and effectiveness of our products, that they come with a one year, 100% satisfaction guarantee! We invite you to explore our site and the products available and to give them and us a try.



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