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Urban Yoga | Imagine Museum presents the art/heart connection

Urban Yoga | Imagine Museum presents the art/heart connection, Imagine Museum - Saint Petersburg - 1901 Central Ave. - St. Petersburg
Category: Hobby
Date: Tuesday January 29, 2019, 5:30pm
Place: Imagine Museum - Saint Petersburg - 1901 Central Ave. - St. Petersburg

Fun St. Petersburg, Florida Events!

Living in Florida is awesome, as you know, and St. Petersburg is even better because there is always something awesome happening. If you are looking for fun events for your family, see what this one is all about!

Join us at Imagine Museum every Tuesday for a chance to disconnect from outside distractions and reconnect with your inner-self. 

Hosted by UrbanYoga, this weekly series will focus on mindfulness, meditation, and yoga practices to help you slow down and live more in the moment while encouraging awareness and connection to your surroundings. 

Our unique and stunning collection of studio glass art sets the scene for encouraging free thought and awakening ideas, and takes you into a world of light, reflection, and creative expression. Our hour-long classes are for anyone looking to explore this practice, regardless of age or experience. 

Entry is $10 per guest. You can register online at http://bit.ly/IMYogaSeries or pay at the door. Yoga mats are NOT provided, and comfortable clothing is recommended. 

We look forward to helping you connect your mind, body, and heart in the beautiful world of glass art! 

This event is designed to be family friendly, so if you need something to do with them, check it out and mention Wabamm!

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