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ONLINE - FLORIDA VEGETABLE GARDENING CLASSES, Virtual Meeting - Saint Petersburg -  - St. Petersburg
Category: Hobby
Date: Sunday April 5, 2020, 9:00pm
Place: Virtual Meeting - Saint Petersburg - - St. Petersburg

Sunshine State Events in St. Petersburg, Florida

You know there is so much to do in St. Petersburg it is difficult to settle on particular events, but because you found this one on Wabamm, you will be able to find more like it now too!

March 28 – April 12
Online Vegetable Gardening Classes
Sunken Gardens is excited to bring you the opportunity to engage in an online version of Florida Veggie Gardening classes led by Elise Pickett owner of The Urban Harvest. Purchase the classes a la cart for $15/class or as a package for $125 which will save $25 total. Classes will be online each evening listed above at 9:00pm & will be 45 minutes long. You will be able to attend the live online class so that you can ask questions and a post class recording of the entire class will also be emailed if you cannot make the designated time or would like a review. The webinar will be hosted on Zoom - a free webinar platform that can be accessed by phone or computer. Sign up for classes at https://www.theurbanharvest.com/register.  
We will be covering 10 in depth topics including:
* March 28 - Composting 101
Learn how to compost at home.
* March 29 - Growing In Containers
Learn how to grow food in containers & make it look good too.
* March 30 - Soil Amendments
Learn how to turn poor quality dirt into nutrient dense soil.
*April 1 - Raised Bed Gardening
Learn about the benefits & wide variety of raised beds.
*April 3 - Seasonality
Learn how to grow with the seasons, year round if you choose.
*April 5 - Garden Planning
Learn how to make sure plants have enough space & light, how to maximize your garden space, & basics of companion planting.
*April 7 - Starting Seed
Learn how to start vegetables from seed, both in trays and in the ground, as well as how to care for your seedlings as they grow.
*April 9 - Watering The Garden
Learn about various water sources, watering methods, & basic irrigation methods.
*April 11 - Pest Management
Learn how to prevent & handle pest problems in your organic vegetable garden.
*April 12 - Maintaining Your Garden
Learn concepts to keep your garden thriving including fertilizing & crop rotation.

All of the events that are hosted on Wabamm are meant for you and your family to enjoy.

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