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Kara Lynn's Phillies Fever

Posted By Taylor Richards On Monday, March 26, 2018

Kara Lynn's Kitchen

Has become one of the best locations in Clearwater, Florida, to feel good after you eat well. They are a scratch kitchen that makes fresh food everyday. Interested in the Paleolithic diet ? Well, find it here. They make food like your grandma used to make, with real ingredients. It started with the owner providing meals for a few close people but soon demand blossomed and she needed to open a location


Everything that comes into their kitchen is organic and wild caught. They use things like sustainable wild fed salmon. No in-cage farmed product here. The owner is present and makes you aware of what the best options are for you and your family. They are committed to a safe, clean food option, and are on the top 15 clean list for the EWG (the Environmental Working Group.) https://www.ewg.org.


They like to donate to local events, sometimes with gift cards, but mostly with food. What is the most fun thing, is that they cater to the Philadelphia Phillies. They provide lunch almost daily for these sportsmen. Considering what athletes can eat, you know they are putting out a ton of bites to these guys. Come try their food sometime soon.  There is usually a lot going on over here, add to the excitement!