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CoCre8 Spaces, Bringing More Business to Downtown Clearwater

Posted By Joel Franz On Monday, September 5, 2016

Mike Walker of CoCre8 Spaces has done a remarkable job filling in a valuable space in Downtown Clearwater.

Station Square is one of the biggest and most conveniently located condominiums in Clearwater and now home to a set of suites designed for cosmetologists and other artists who work with people to give them the appearance they desire.

With 20 plus suites that are furnished already for those with careers in cosmetology and salon experience. Mike Walker has led a successful life as a public speaker and consultant and is continuing this drive towards assisting other achieve their dreams by creating a working space that others can use to achieve their dreams.

Each suite in Station Square is designed to be fully furnished for a specific business purpose, while being adaptable with some minor modifications to meet the requirements of other professions. This makes these spacious suites a desirable location for everyone with experience in tattooing and massage therapy to hair dressing and cosmetology.

This set of business suites is the brainchild of Mike Walker and his partners. Downtown Clearwater demonstrates its viability as a thriving business community through the ability to attract such startups like CoCre8 Spaces.

In addition to bringing new businesses to downtown, the added benefit will be more traffic when the suites are full. This will bring even more life to the downtown area and more aspiring business owners too.

If you are interested in renting of these suites then you can call 727-270-8200 for more information.