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Posted By Taylor Richards On Thursday, March 29, 2018

Mark and Ric have been employees before, but as owners they like to shine in their field. They have 40 years in flooring and want to make sure you get that experience from them. Carpets Plus excels in making an installation that is done right the first time. They like to honestly look at the situation and educate the customer to create the perfect installation. Ric notes that they never like to sell the exact same thing twice. With over 20,000 options, it is not a daunting task. They are looking for a series of absolutely unique designs and setups for homes in Pinellas. Mark and Ric take a look at the customers' needs and treat them like they would family when it comes to planning and installation.

They have a lot of access to materials used in flooring and like to share the wealth. Being a part of the community is important and as members of the Largo chamber of Commerce, they hope to add to that importance. They donate to Habitat for Humanity and give those same materials over for use. That alone would be good but they also allocate funds there as well. They also support the SPCS and are running an Adoption day for dogs, in their parking lot on May 5th for all to come and see. Maybe you can find a friend to take home and a company to remember.

The owners are from Wisconsin and Maryland and support their old teams like the Colts and the Packers. They are Pinellas men now and follow the same line of thought with most of their business. They have a partnership that allows them to come at problems with a single mind and support each other. Customer education is the name of the game, and you know when you are served by them, you will get an honest, consistent, and enriching experience. Come down to Carpets Plus on Missouri Avenue to find happy people that want to help.