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Come Run In The Say No To Drugs 1M, 5K and 10K Races!

Posted By Paul Grimsley On Thursday, November 30, 2017
This race takes place thanks to the effort of over 200 volunteers who work together in an organized and coordinated manner throughout the year.  From race executives to chiropractors & massage therapists to sponsors, all contribute with their individual abilities or resources for the purpose of a great race and the anti-drug message.

The Say No To Drugs Holiday Classic is 29 years old. The person that had the idea to create it was Sandra Johnson, a world class runner who lived locally. Sandra wanted to use the race to promote an anti-drug message, and she has attracted a lot of great runners to that cause.

As one of the top races in Tampa it has been run by people like Mark Allen, the six-time World Ironman Triathlon Champion, Ronnie Holassie, Dan Otz, and a whole host of others.   Over 200 volunteers help the race to happen, and the race also helps other local charities, such as Challenged Athletes Foundation, Pinellas County Youth Ranch, Operation PAR, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts.

Come along and show your support, and if you can take part!

Keanan Kintzel: Hello, who are you? Where are you from and what are you doing?
Sue Minkhoff: My name is Sue Minkhoff, I'm from Clearwater, Florida I am Co-race Director of the Say No To Drugs Holiday
Classic 5k, 10k and 1 mile race.
Keanan: Holy smokes, which one do you do?
Sue: The 5 or the 10. Maybe all 3.
Keanan: Okay, and when is it?
Sue: It's December 16th 8 a.m.
Keanan: How many people is it? Like thousands?
Sue: We get about 2,000 runners. 
Keanan; Oof.
Sue: They all get a really really cool high-tech long-sleeved t-shirt.
Keanan: Wow.
Sue: There's a pancake breakfast for everybody, made out of either freshly ground spelt flour or gluten-free.
Keanan: Wow.
Sue: With trimmings like blueberries, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, fresh coffee.
Keanan: YUM!
Sue: Yeah!
Keanan: Is there a cost to run?
Sue: Yeah, it costs to run. Don't ask me how much it is.
Keanan: Like two dollars?
Sue: If you go to our website because there are specials all the time on the price.
Keanan: OK.
Sue: If you go to saynotodrugs.com.
Keanan: OK.
Sue: And you can get our price and you can get our discounts.
Keanan: Beautiful
Sue: And we have lots of vendors, we have lots of booths. It's a lot of fun - it's great for families.
Keanan: OK, who the ...?
Sue: it's a huge medal - a huge medal. If you guys like medals.
Keanan: And it's fun, right?
Sue: It's so much fun.
Keanan: You run across the bridge and up by the water!
Sue: That's right ...
Keanan: Nice.
Sue: Very picturesque. The 10k goes down to the beach and back.
Keanan: Oh wow!
Sue: 5k goes over the bridge to the causeway, turn around come back.
Keanan: Okay.
Sue: And we have music and it's just a really fun family time.
Keanan: Okay.
Sue: So come on down.
Keanan: So, who are the main sponsors, Sue?
Sue: Wow, we have tons of sponsors  - we have, now you're gonna make me think ... 
Keanan: I'm sorry. Well, I'm sure BodyHealth must be.
Sue: Body Health is a sponsor. Dick's Sporting Goods ...
Keanan: Oh, wow!
Sue: ... is a big sponsor, Bayside Medical Clinic is another big sponsor ...
Keanan: OK.
Sue: There's a lighting company in town - the Zanabonis - the big sponsor.
Keanan: Oh, nice.
Sue: They're gonna have a selfie booth, so if you guys want to come ...
Keanan: ... that's fun.
Sue: They're gonna have a selfie booth.
Keanan: Oh, fun. It starts early in the morning?
Sue: It starts at 8 a.m. so I wouldn - you can register online, then you don't have to get there till 7:30.
Keanan: Okay.
Sue: That's not that bad, and then you have a great pancake breakfast afterwards.
Keanan: That's awesome, and tell us the website one more time.
Sue: saynotodrugs.com.
Keanan: Thanks.
Sue: Awesome!Thank you!