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Clearwater Downtown Development Revitalised

Posted By Paul Grimsley On Friday, June 22, 2018

An Old Development Poised To Become Vital Resource

If you have lived in Clearwater for any length of time you will have seen the unfinished development opposite the Nolen on Cleveland Street. It's been there a while, and you may have given pause to wonder whether or not it was ever going to achieve completion as a project. Well, now, it seems, they are closing on that finish line, and a landmark is going to be transformed into something vital that really adds to the town.
There seems to be a lot happening locally, and the fact that the new owners took on a challenge to complete the project in 30 months, to avoid the penalties accrued previously, makes it an exciting race against time.
GSP Development's plan will give us a restaurant with a coffee shop - always a welcome addition, parking, a dog wash and bike storage on the ground floor. Residents are also going to have the benefit of a fitness center, a golf simulator, and a party room and pool deck.

Clearwater Is In An Exciting Phase Of Growth

The technology industry is well represented in the town, and the downtown waterfront is going to be undergoing its own revitalization. It is an exciting time for the city.
There is a lot of push in the area to have more social activities, and there are more and more community based initiatives springing up, supported by local philanthropists, volunteers, churches, and businessmen. To see the way that community leaders worked to help people after the hurricane was inspirational, and that same flow of help is present in other areas of city life. Any expansion is an indicator that things are going right in the town, and is also a great demonstration that people are seeing and creating more and more opportunities.